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Sports Build Character: What Kind?

After being stupefied by morning news drumming in the name of LeBron – of course, I was totally unaware of any such model – and further news about sports was going to make a bad impression. The latest, though, really outdoes itself.

What are our athletes learning from their complete disassociation from normal life and normal conduct? Exceeding the 2007 dogfighting horror that found sports stars killing dogs on luxury property, we now have one that fed his ex to the dogs. No doubt you think I’ve just made a really excessive allegorical reference, but you’re wrong. Brazilian soccer has produced a criminal of a really over the top sort.

Police say Ms Samudio was taken by force from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro on the day of her disappearance and was strangled in the city of Belo Horizonte.

They say her body was cut up and parts were fed to dogs, while the rest was buried under concrete.

Police are still searching for her remains, but say her death is "materially proven".

Locker room ethics are probably overdue for major revision. This seems like a seminal event (you’re welcome, Jason) that should prove a barrier no one can pass.

The drug scandals and personal violence that has begun to take over the image of professional athletes is beneath contempt, and heroism that seems to be only imagined has receded into the past. At least, team managers, and sponsors, should be on notice that fans’ tolerance level has been passed. Most especially, our children should be on notice, these are not stars. Black holes seem to be more like the true nature of an increasing number of the superstars of sports.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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