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Bennet campaign rocked by corruption

The Bennet campaign has scapegoated a 22 year old intern in a serious pay-to-play scandal.

“With a donation of $2,400 or more,” Garofano allegedly wrote, activists pressing for the fuel-standards bill “can schedule a one-on-one hour long meeting with the Senator.” Hosting “an event for $5,000 or more,” the email said, would offer “a better chance to lobby Michael.”

(emphasis added)

The Wall Street Journal has the full story, which explains how the campaign was asking for campaign contributions from people who wanted to talk to Senator Bennet about specific legislation

The campaign was quick to try and say this was a rogue intern acting without campaign knowledge, but the idea is preposterous. Apparently they want readers to believe that a staffer, who had the authority to schedule meetings with Senator Bennet, was acting outside campaign parameters by soliciting the contribution.

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