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Truth moves slowly, while bullshit travels at the speed of sound

The Hockey Stick of Noted Climatologist Bobby Orr via Astro Guy at Flickr

All the bullshit tossed out about the so-called Climate-Gate emails turned out to be exposed as, well bullshit. But not before FoxNews, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh tossed out lies and threats as fast as they could. (Rush’s latest bs line btw, Islam didn’t do crap for science & math — and who are you going to believe, Rush or your lying arabic numeral seeing eyes?)

Eventually, as any rational person knew, there was no scandal at all, except for the theft of property utilized by the spewers of bullshit.

Nevertheless and completely unsurprisingly, this has led to the ignorant and classy listening audience of the bloviators to send a constant stream of death-threats to scientist. Perhaps this is a course at Glenn Beck University?

Nobody could have anticipated, etc.

Oh, and now that the non-scandal has been exposed as not a scandal, we conveniently have a new reason not to do anything about climate-change because Al Gore allegedly wanted a rub and tug, thus disproving all science forever.

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