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Israel: 18 families control 60% corporate equity

Meanwhile, back in the States, the second most unequal country in the developed world, Obama felated, err… hosted Bibi…!

Obama: ‘I Have Met Israel and It Is "Us"’

…So complete was Obama’s identification with Israel yesterday that he actually referred to Israel as “us” before correcting himself:

“We strongly believe that, given its size, its history, the region that it’s in, and the threats that are leveled against us—against it, that Israel has unique security requirements.”


As Obama himself said, yesterday:

“If you look at every public statement that I’ve made over the last year and a half, it has been a constant reaffirmation of the special relationship between the United States and Israel, that our commitment to Israel’s security has been unwavering. And in fact, there aren’t any concrete policies that you could point to that would contradict that.”

Sadly, he’s right.

Truly sad…!

As Al Jazeera reported today…

…Settlement stalemate

The meeting was considerably warmer than the last time the two men met, when Netanyahu was reportedly denied the privileges normally granted to visiting foreign dignitaries, including the ritual hand-shake photograph.

Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros, reporting from Jerusalem, said that settlements remain at the heart of the stalemate between the two sides.

"There’s a lot of domestic pressure on the prime minister not to make any more concessions on settlements at this time," she said.

"The Palestinian position is very clear: building on their land while they are talking simply shows that the Israelis are not serious about peace."

Nobody is buying Bibi’s snake oil, but, ‘us’…

Abbas: Indirect talks going nowhere

PA mulling asking Arab League to re-endorse ‘02 Arab Peace Initiative.

… the Palestinian Authority on Monday announced that the “proximity talks” with Israel have failed to achieve anything.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who is currently in Jordan, told a group of Jordanian journalists that, contrary to reports in the media, no progress has been achieved during the indirect negotiations.

Abbas confirmed that he had presented the US administration with ideas in writing about all the core issues.

Earlier this week, a London-based Arabic-language Saudi newspaper revealed that Abbas submitted written proposals to US envoy George Mitchell regarding the core issues, including the future borders of a Palestinian state and the status of Jerusalem.

Bibi knows that; "A promise is a promise, a date is a date and on September 26 we start building again."

That’s the spirit, Bibi…!

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