Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft is some kind of political supergenius

Went out for the evening to see some smutpuppets tear down all that is good about America and I come home to find that Jim Hoft is a lot smarter than his special-needs-easy-to-manage hairstyle look would lead you to believe.

Jim is going to save the Republicans by getting conservative people to sign a petition full of CAPITALIZED wheras’s and therefore’s and other official sounding words, demanding that the Republicans get rid of Jim Hoft’s second least favorite negro and replace him that nice snowbilly white lady.

Why Sarah Palin, you ask? Well

WHEREAS Sarah Palin, by way of radical contrast, consistently and enthusiastically argues on behalf of Liberty, Free Enterprise, Individualism, and a small and Constitutionally limited Federal Government, and

WHEREAS she has also demonstrated an innate affinity with the great majority of Liberty-Loving Americans, a capacity to inspire them to action, and a willingness to act as a National Leader on important Conservative Issues,

If by “demonstrated an innate affinity with the great majority of Liberty-Loving Americans” you mean that her approval rating is down to 29% (pdf), 37% of those polled say her endorsement of a candidate would make them uncomfortable with that candidate, and 21% said her endorsement wouldn’t make any difference. But don’t let that stop you if you are a liberty-loving American who loves liberty; go sign the petition.

America is depending on you.

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