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Crooks and Liars Still Doing Their Part to Block Discussion of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

For some time I have been trying to bring attention to the so called progressive blogs that do not post threads or encourage discussion about the Israeli Palestian conflict, U.S. policy having to do with the conflict, the Gaza massacre, the Mavi Marmara executions etc etc. Crooks and Liars has one of the most serious blog clogs having to do with this issue.

Today President Obama and PM Netanyahu are meeting. Not a word over at Crooks and Liars about this meeting, the blockade, the expansion of illegal settlements etc.

It has been very interesting witnessing just how this issue is blocked and ignored by so many alleged progressive websites. Almost as if we are able to witness again the way this issue was and continues to be basically blocked out of our MSM so thoroughly and strategically for so many decades.

Crooks and Liars continues to be one of the most consistenly so called progressive blogs that has blocked out or ignores the I/P conflict.

Some of the best discussions about this critical issue happen at Informed Comment, Mondoweiss, Washington Note, Firedoglake, Race for Iran. Please list any other sites that you have discovered that have these important discussions and information sharing taking place.

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