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A Vote Against Those in Power Is All We Have Left

Enough is enough.

Our politicians and their special interests have run the greatest economy in the world into the toilet. Stripped our constitutional rights away with double-speak like the “Patriot Act”. Created bloated bureaucracies that grow and consume our treasure. Started wars that cannot be won. Ignored the will of the people. And have put Citizens second to the corporate money that holds their strings.

Decades of corrupt actions that have resulted in the pitiful circumstance we find ourselves in today.

TARP, Mandated Health Insurance, Endless War, Financial Reform that gives concentrated power to a few international bankers, an end to net neutrality, internet ‘kill switch’, refusal to audit the Federal Reserve… this is what our politicians have done and are doing us. I’m sure you can add your own issues to this list.

Voting the same politicians, the same power structure into office and believing there will be change is insanity.

This is no longer a right or left, conservative or liberal issue. It is a power issue. Will the citizen’s of this country have power in Washington or not?

You have the power to vote against the nonsense that is going on in DC. Refuse to vote for any incumbent politician — take them all out of office.

If we do this, if we turn DC inside out with the power of our vote, then the Citizen’s of this Country will once again be the most important, most powerful force in this country. And our voices will once again be heard loud and clear.

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A U.S. Citizen who is fed up with the nonsense coming out of D.C..