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Haley Barbour: BP Oil Disaster Proves Free Market System Works

The Republican governor of Mississippi, who previously said the BP oil disaster was being overblown by the liberal media, was asked by NPR if all of the damage and destruction and deaths have caused him to reconsider his “smaller government, less regulation, more freedom for industry” ideology.


“I think right now every oil company in the world says ‘I don’t want to pay $100 million a day to cut corners on drilling a well.’ And, I believe that’s where the market system works. No one has more to lose on this well than BP.”

Well, except maybe the 11 men who were killed by it.

But not to worry, people — everything’s fine. Just sit back, relax, and watch the market work its magic.

Wonders the Baltimore Sun,

The market functions properly when an oil company has repeated safety violations, ultimately causing an oil rig explosion that causes a loss in lives and perhaps the greatest environmental catastrophe in history. That is a proper functioning market?

If you’re a less-gubmint-less-regulation-less-taxes-let-big-oil-do-whatever-they-want-drill-baby-drill-right-wing ideologue, yes.

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