31 Jul 2010

Abolish the US Senate, End the Filibuster

Article One, Section One of the United states Constitution can and should be changed by an amendment that would effectively abolish the US Senate. History reveals that the process of amending the constitution is quicker than waiting for the Senate to act on the will of the People. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and Illinois’ Dick Durbin both support the abolition of the filibuster. This is the strategy for Senators who wish to keep their jobs. Our world is moving faster, but our Senate is slowed by frequent use of this ancient artifact.

31 Jul 2010

The more I see, the less I know

This should perk up your Saturday night/Sunday Morning Michael Franti is mrs TBogg’s current musical obsession. We’re going to see him in September. And, I want to add, I love Cherine Anderson’s voice.

31 Jul 2010

Late Late Night FDL: When Magoo Flew

When Magoo Flew starring Mr. Magoo. This Columbia Pictures UPA cartoon was released in 1954 and won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject in 1955.

Grab your popcorn, put your feet up on the seatback in front of ya, and no spitballs aimed at the ushers please. This is Late Late Night FireDogLake, where off topic is the topic … so dive in. What’s on your mind?

31 Jul 2010

So here’s a quickie for ya…

Nothing in particular driving it, other than while I pack all my stuff up and whine about how I can't get anything I do with old fashioned pen and paper done for a while (which is a lot more than I am willing to admit) it popped into my head,

31 Jul 2010

Desalinization Projects Promoted By Water Shortages

There are many parts of the globe where fresh water has always been a scarce and precious resource. The traditional approach to sustaining human populations in such places has been dams and aqueducts.

31 Jul 2010

Late Night: Hallelujah, Anderson Cooper Repents of Anti-White Racism, Promised Land Achieved, Andrew Breitbart Proved Greater American Hero Than Martin Luther King Jr., Who Was After All a Commie

No, really. The following was emanated at Breitbart’s Big Stupid websites. In the early stages of the Shirley Sherrod controversy, the media began to craft the narrative Shirley Sherrod was the embodiment of the term “post-racial.” Then on July 22nd on Anderson Cooper 360, this happened: SHIRLEY SHERROD: I think

31 Jul 2010

WikiLeaks Docs Show Futility of Illegal Afghanistan War

WikiLeaks Docs Show Futility of Illegal Afghanistan War.

31 Jul 2010

Peter Wehner Likes to Watch Things Die from a Good Safe Distance

Anthony Wiener was very upset with Republicans the other day because they voted down funding for continuing health benefits for the 9/11 first responders because, you know, 9/11 isn’t really relevant anymore unless you want to scapegoat Muslims or maybe start a war in a brown country.

31 Jul 2010

Chris Hayes Highlights the Failed HAMP Program on The Rachel Maddow Show

When I took to Twitter the other night and mused that Chris Hayes should use some of his time filling in for Rachel Maddow to highlight the failed HAMP program and the forgotten foreclosure crisis, I didn’t think he’d come up with something so focused and cogent. But there it is to your right. Hayes hit the important point – that this is a Treasury program, and they had $50 billion to do basically whatever they wanted to stop foreclosures. The Administration chose this as their method, without any need to hedge because of Republicans or ConservaDems. And what they chose may be, as Chris said, “the single biggest failure of the Obama Administration.”

31 Jul 2010

A Week Of The Debilitating Side Of Bipolar II ½

In my occasional discussions of being Bipolar II ½ (cyclothymic disorder), I discuss the limitations that come with this mental health condition. This past week I got to experience one type of the limitations. So let me back up a couple of weeks or so. In recent weeks I’ve had