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Testimony at National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform meeting June 30

Alex, where are you? Held captive in Toronto under the public works law?
They moved the meeting location this week also.

The afternoon public comment session is live streaming now.

Email public feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions will be placed in the public record per
email to

Please talk to your congresspersons and their staffs. They are promised an up or down vote if they get a 14 commission member super majority. This is shaping up as a lame duck vote with more lame ducks to be determined in the November elections.

This morning the head of the CBO testified.

Partial list of the people testifying this afternoon todate.
James Parrot Fiscal Policy Institute
Edward Gresser DLC
John Irons EPI economic policy institute
Bryan Riedl Heritage Foundation.
Douglas Hamilton Economic Policy group (Petersen) Pew Economic trust.
David M. Walker President of Peter G Petersen Foundation,
(sponsor and speaker at America Speaks town hall) meeting.
William Marshall Progressive Policy Institute
Carolyn Lukensmeyer America Speaks

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