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Sharron Angle: Separation of Church and State is Unconstitutional, Thomas Jefferson Was “Misquoted”

graphic by twolf; original from cdrummbks

After she won the GOP Senatorial primary in Nevada, Sharron Angle quickly took down her website – which was chock-full-o’ crazy – and stopped doing interviews. Undoubtedly because John Cornyn at the NRSC told her to STFU.

Well, she’s finally broken her silence with a Nevada journalist, and, inevitably, come out with more crazy.

Ralston pressed Angle on her comments to the state Assembly in 1995 that the “tenet of the separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine.” When Ralston insisted that the separation of church and state is indeed in the Constitution, Angle disagreed.

“No it doesn’t, Jon. No it doesn’t,” Angle said. “Actually, Thomas Jefferson has been misquoted like I’ve been misquoted out of context.”

That Harry Reid’s a lucky guy.

You can find all the interview segments here.

Also loved the part when Angle says we need to cut employment benefits because they’re preventing lazy people from getting jobs.

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