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Public Forum on Third Party Politics

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, members of the Green and Socialist Parties, and Alan Benjamin of the San Fransisco Labor Council and AFL-CIO will hold a public hearing in Ohio on third party politics.

Date — Saturday, September 11, 2010
Time — 11:00am – 1:00pm
Location — University Heights Public Library
Address — 13866 Cedar Rd.
City and State — Cleveland, OH
Zip Code — 44118

The topic will be organizing solid alternatives to the two corporate-owned political parties that now dominate government. Scheduled speakers will include "Dennis Spisak (Green candidate for Governor of Ohio)" and "Dan LaBotz (Socialist candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio)," according to the FaceBook event page. The public forum is sponsored by the Ohio State Labor Party.

This is a public forum that should be taking place in all parts of the country. The two corporate-owned parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, represent only one group in America: large corporations (and the very wealthy thugs that own them). They respond to nothing and no one else. Everything they do is based on the premise that what’s good for corporations and the very wealthy is good for corporations and the very wealthy, and everyone else can go fly a kite. At this point, why wouldn’t a left-winger want to explore alternatives to political parties that don’t represent us, and which actively work against us?

We can make excuses for not organizing the left into a cohesive movement capable of shaping American politics, or we can stop doing that and start organizing. Yes, it means supporting third party candidates — even (and especially) if said candidates are written off as not having a chance of winning. By continuing to waste our time, money, and votes on Democrats, we guarantee that nothing changes. But by devoting those resources to the Greens, the Socialists, the Progressives, the Laborers, and others, we have a shot at pulling the political pendulum in America back to the left. We do this by sending the message that we will back those politicians who prove by their actions that they genuinely represent us. Without that pressure, we have absolutely no leverage against Democrats to pass progressive legislation. None. The "change-from-within" method is a failure, and it is foolhardy to continue relying on that alone. Pressure has to come as well from the outside.

I am asking progressives to attend the public forum in Ohio on September 11, and for those who can’t, to hold forums in their own communities. It is long past time for this.

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Michael Kwiatkowski

Michael Kwiatkowski