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Late Night: 24/7 Smart – The Antidote to Stupid

Earlier this year, Diesel, the clothing line, rolled out the most ridiculous ad campaign I’ve seen in a while: “Be Stupid.”  As if this country needed the reminder?

Ever since proud “C” student George Bush was appointed President, the United States has been on an inexorable slide downward into imbecility, thanks in no small part to the corporate culture of a national media wearing nothing but kneepads and a smile. “Teh Stupid”, so eloquently encapsulated by Charles Pierce in his book “Idiot America,” has rapidly become the hallmark of this country. Where else can you find, for example, state boards of education removing Thomas Jefferson from and adding Phyllis Schlafly to their social studies and history books? Seriously, have you ever seen a country descend into mindless madness as fast as this one did back on November 4, 2008, when birthers became viewed as responsible political advocates? It’s frightening.

This country is overdue for an injection of smart or it won’t be long for this world. Luckily, the cure has been here all along. Right here. This amazing place called “Firedoglake”. Yes, you know where I’m going with this.

Your $20, $35, or $50 donation to Firedoglake is a cure for the stupid.

Let me get personal for a moment. A long, long time ago (seriously, well over 4 years is an eternity in the blogosphere), in a galaxy identical to this one, I received an email from Jane Hamsher asking whether I’d be interested in hanging out at her blog, Firedoglake, maybe write a post or two, and just be a general smartass for her burgeoning online community. I was thunderstruck. Jane Hamsher found my natterings amusing? I sent her the following reply: “letmethinkaboutitforasecondokay.”

Back then, FDL was a wild and wooly frontier town, populated by some of the smartest people I’ve ever met: Marcy Wheeler, whose photographic memory and ferocious weed-digging still scare the living crap out of me; Christy Hardin Smith, queen of the legal surgical strike, whose genuine empathy for the powerless can warm even the coldest hearts (Dick Cheney’s vampiric one notwithstanding); Jane, her brilliant writing matched only by her remarkable foresight and political savvy. It was –and still is– an honor to have joined these fiercely independent women on their quest to change the political discourse in this country . . . even if I used more expletives than were really necessary.

In the intervening four-plus years, FDL has matured into a powerhouse of progressive and independent thought — admired for its honest and incisive writing, feared by the purveyors of the Beltway status quo fat from a steady diet of cocktail weenies, and desperately loathed by Joe “Droopy Dawg” Lieberman.

Please donate to Firedoglake – $20, $35, or whatever you can afford – to reach our fundraising goal of at least $50,000 by June 30.

On that fateful day when those “DFH bloggers” took their seats at the Scooter Libby trial, Firedoglake has been the place for rational political discussions about the most current events, thanks in no small part to Jane’s preternaturally eerie sense of timing and the diverse group of big-brained bloggers, activists, moderators, and editors she has brought in under the FDL rubric.

If you donate to Firedoglake’s fund drive, you’ll be supporting not just the investigative reportage, but the fantastic, hard-working people behind the scenes who pull the levers and ropes that keep this show going.

If you can find it within your means to donate $20 or more, we can put this drive over the top and then some. We’re thiiiiis close to hitting $50,000 over the next several days in order to cement Firedoglake’s status as a bastion of independent journalism and advocacy.  Click here to donate $20, $50 or more to keep FDL kicking ass and taking names.

Because in a country where 24% of the population thinks President Obama was born outside the United States, people need someplace to turn to get the facts untainted by stupidity.

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