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Is it okay to make fun of male-on-male rape?

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I semi-forgave the television show The Boondocks for it's homoerotic take down of African-American playwright Tyler Perry last week.

This week's episode, A Date With The Booty Warrior, may be a bit more difficult to forgive.

In this episode, Tom Dubois, a character in The Boondocks, takes several students to jail as a part of the “Scared Straight” program, where inmates warn troubled students to either change their ways or end up in jail.

Problem is that in this particular program, the inmates are more concerned with telling the students about raping and being raped in prison.

I won't even talk about the peanut butter and jelly scene.

One of the prisoners is shown in this opening scene raping Chris Hansen of To Catch A Predator:

 Now two other things complicate this scenario:

A. Tom Dubois has a serious fear of – in the words of the series – “going to prison and being anally raped.”

B. The inmates decide to start a rebellion. In the middle of this rebellion the prisoner in the above sequence decides to go after Tom in a climatic shower scene.

I understand comedy is sometimes x-rated and I really do like The Boondocks, but is making fun of male rape appropriate?

What do you think? 

UPDATE – It turns out that Tom's nemesis is based upon this man:


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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen