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Conservatives Trash Robert Byrd While His Body is Still Warm

As always, the right remains a paragon of class.

Andrew Sullivan:

Speak no ill of the dead? Well, let me simply say that the racist, populist, larcenous bigot of a Senator – a man who robbed the American tax-payer to pave his state with baubles and bribes – is not going to be much mourned in these parts.

Confederate Yankee:

Off to that great Klavern in the sky. Well “in the sky” might be a little too optimistic.

Reason [sic]:

As the encomia mount like rotting, fly-buzzed piles of the pork-barrel spending he so systematically shoveled back to his West Virginia home, let’s not forget the late Sen. Robert Byrd’s most undeniable legacy: Undermining belief in politicians as little more than self-serving glad-handers on the hunt for more and more taxpayer money for their constituents.

Big Journalism:

Let’s just be fair. If an association with a Democrat terror outfit is an obvious disqualifier for one, it should be for everyone.

American Power:

The man should have retired decades ago, along with the hatred with which he represented.

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds:

…keep a list of hagiographers in the press who don’t mention Byrd’s Klan connection.


Before his death early this morning at the age of 92, I placed the legendary West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd in the category of “only the wrong survive” along with Fidel Castro and Pete Seeger.

Robert Stacy McCain:

He just became the best kind of Democrat, joining the sainted ranks of those who can no longer demagogue and pander their way to power, who no longer tax honest people into poverty so that their less industrious neighbors can be bribed with “free” government giveaways, and about whom even Republicans feel compelled to say nice things.

If this post seems familiar, it’s because these assholes ran the exactly the same playbook against Ted Kennedy.

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