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Right-Wingers Discover the Next “Joe the Plumber”

by ronnie44052

Last February, a CBS/NYT poll showed that only 2% of Teabaggers knew that taxes had gone down under President Obama. Later, David Frum and Bruce Bartlett found similar levels of ignorance when they examined the ‘Baggers.

This is all prelude to Vice President Biden’s encounter with a Wisconsin frozen custard store manager yesterday. After Biden asked the store manager how much he owed for his frozen custard, the new Joe the Plumber replied:

Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.

Predictably, this incident has inspired a wingnut circle jerk today.

The problem is, of course that Obama/Biden did lower the store manager’s taxes. Not to mention the fact that the House just passed a tax cut for small businesses, and by the way — taxes are already at historic lows. And all the while, Republicans are complaining about the national debt, which would be exacerbated by even lower taxes.

No matter. Powertools is excitedly calling the store manager, “Kopp the Custard Man,” noting:

It doesn’t have quite the snappy ring of “Joe the Plumber,” but it will do.

Yes, just what the right needs. Another low-information voter to rally around.

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