Enough of the chitchat – to the NEWS!!

Large UK grocery chain extending ‘bee hotel’ concept to protect UK food chain: “The race to be seen as the UK’s greenest supermarket took a somewhat bizarre twist last week when Sainsbury’s announced that it is to set up a network of " bee hotels" across London to help reverse the decline in the population of solitary bees.

The company said it has appointed bee expert Robin Dean to install and maintain a network of small-scale "hotels" at 38 stores across London.”
Sainsbury’s Bees

One of the problems with maintaining genetic diversity in fruits is – consumers don’t know what the hell they are looking for. “There are 230 varieties of peaches grown in California, freestone and clingstone, heirloom and newly developed, flavorful and bland, but when you go to the grocery store and even many farmers markets, they’re usually sold just as "peaches."

The identification of a fruit’s variety is the single most important piece of information consumers have in deciding what it will taste like and whether to buy, but the era in which consumers could look for distinctive varieties by name — Fantasia nectarine, O’Henry peach, Santa Rosa plum — is rapidly passing.” Generic Fruit

More Chinese mis-labeling on Food; this time it’s ‘organic’, maybe… “In 2006 alone, China added a staggering 12 percent to the world’s organically farmed land," Global Post reports. With the market growing that quickly, regulations are lax at best. A Chinese grocery chain owner who spoke with Global Post estimated that "maybe 30 percent of farms that put the organic label on their food produce the real thing."
Fake Organic from China

Check your spinach: Routine Spinach sampling by the North Carolina Department of Food & Drug Protection came back positive for Listeria monocytogenes and sparked a multi-state recall this week.

Fresh Spinach sold under the brand names of Krisp-Pak, Lancaster Fresh, Giant, and America’s Choice and distributed in a half dozen states are being recalled by Maryland-based Lancaster Foods LLC.

Best buy dates of 19 JUN 10 through 27 JUN 10 are included in the recall. The brands were sold in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.
Listeria on NC Spinach


Brazilian beef products found to have too high a level of drug residues – more Ivermectin: Sampco, Inc., in Chicago, Illinois is recalling approximately 61,000 pounds of cooked canned and frozen beef products that may contain the animal drug Ivermectin, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced yesterday. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic used to de-worm live animals.

In May, FSIS discovered residues of Ivermectin above the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) tolerance level for beef muscle in products from Brazil which sparked an 87,000 pound Class II recall, with low health risk, for related beef products, also from Sampco. The agency believes the recently-recalled product may have entered the country through a separate route of entry. Contaminated Brazilian Beef

Food Safety Extends to Worker Safety too – accident in California packing house: “Last Saturday morning a worker’s legs were severed at the Vernon, California-based Jobbers Meat Packing Corporation in an accident. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition and as of Tuesday the worker was undergoing continued treatment at the local hospital. He is now listed in stable condition, a National Meat Association spokesman speaking on behalf of the company told Meatingplace.”
Worker Safety in Meatpacking

Local news: I have the need to weed.

Have a good week – visit your farmers market and ask the vendors what they do and how they do it. Because..unlike with produce brought from elsewhere, this is something YOU CAN DO.



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