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Early Morning Swim: Rachel Maddow on Gen. McChrystal’s Three Strikes

And who was proven right about Afghanistan? Joe “Bite Me” Biden.

“Are you asking about Vice President Biden?” McChrystal said jokingly, in an imagined exchange with a hypothetical questioner. “Who’s that?” (An anonymous McChrystal aide took it a step further, saying: “Biden? Did you say, ‘Bite me’?”)

The underlying tension between the two men dates to last fall’s strategy review, in which Biden argued for a narrower counterterrorism approach that would focus on targeting al-Qaeda leaders. McChrystal argued for a broader counterinsurgency strategy — one requiring many more troops, with a mission of securing the civilian population and reinforcing the government. In the end, Obama sided mostly with McChrystal.

Six months later, questions abound about whether that plan is working.

There are no questions — it’s not working. Shoulda listened to Bite Me.

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