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Don’t Believe the Hype: Rove’s 527 Not as Advertised.

I said a couple weeks ago to a friend that, as a general rule, liberals are by their nature a little neurotic, and conservatives by their nature are extremely smug and gullible. Therefore, liberals tend to think that things are worse for them than they may be, while conservatives tend to think that things are much better for them. This character trait has infected Washington, to the extent that conservative braggadocio dominates the city and the reporting done from it. They believe the country stands with them, so the reporting on that subject reflects the view. They believe they are always on the cusp of a permanent Republican majority, and the reporting reflects it. They believe that the issues conservatives obsess over are the same issues everyone in America obsesses over, and the reporting… you get it.

Therefore, we need to recalibrate practically every story that amounts to conservatives bragging about their feats. Because in the end, whether it’s policy or politics, they almost never come out that way. Case in point: Karl Rove’s 527:

A new 527 group conceived by veteran GOP hands Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie and launched this year with predictions that it would raise $52 million to support Republican candidates has thus far failed to live up to the fundraising hype.

The group, American Crossroads, raised only $200 last month, according to a report it filed Monday with the Internal Revenue Service, bringing its total raised since launching in March to a little more than $1.25 million. It spent $76,000 in May, primarily on legal fees and salaries, bringing its total spending to $140,000.

They launched promising $52 million. Last month they got about 1/260,000th of the way to that goal. They promised all kinds of campaign spending that would literally supplant the RNC as the major operation laundering money to conservative candidates across the country. So far, almost nothing beyond one ad against Harry Reid and administrative expenses.

These things never turn out as predicted. Karl Rove is not a genius, his big plans almost always fail, and Republican boasts about their mastery of politics, the economy, the war on terror, or virtually anything else never match reality.

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David Dayen

David Dayen