Senator Lieberman’s proposed law would put the USA’s homeland security in control of the internet. Homeland security could shut down your network, or any other network that meets the definition of a "potential threat"

PCNAA, or "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act" is just the kind of bullshit that I expect from overpowered globalist motherfuckers like Lieberman. One word. Wikileaks. Two Words. "Collateral Murder".

Should be called "making internet safe for bad government." seems to have the best reading. Read The FIRST CNET article and the SECOND

Oh! almost forgot. The press is calling this an "internet kill switch"

One more thing, The bill could also expand wiretapping as homeland security will install it’s systems onto your network. Obvious to me anyhow.

Thx for reading FDL people!



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