Laker Parade: Kobe and Pot Lollipops

Los Angeles has some really awesome rolling food vendors: Korean BBQ tacos, Canters Deli, Indian food, crepes, cupcakes, gourmet coffee and of course the basic burger and burrito trucks show up where ever there’s a crowd. Today’s lake victory parade in downtown had a newcomer to the mobile munchie force: Weed World, a van featuring bikini clad babes sorting buds.

Fans along the victory parade route who had their medical marijuana cards with them were able to buy prescription pot and received a get-high gift with purchase–a cannabis candy lollipop.

Weed World Candies’ van owner Bilal Muhammad told the Los Angeles Times that he was recently forced to shut down his store in West Hollywood, and had taken his business on the road.

Weed World Candies apparently has outlets across the country, but their website is not up yet.

(photo of Weed World Candies Atlanta truck: P. Pressar, creative commons)

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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