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Come Saturday Morning: Take a Bow

Thursday morning, I logged onto my computer and saw reports that Israel was letting a few extra goodies go through the Gaza blockade. Having heard such stories before, and knowing that what is really happening is that while certain items are temporarily allowed still others are added to the list of forbidden things, I didn’t think too much of it other than to assume it was bogus.

Little did I know just how bogus it really was.

Siun, one of my fellow writers in the FDL orbit, discovered that while the office of Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu had released a press release in English claiming that an agreement was reached at a security cabinet meeting that would allow for easing the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Hebrew version of that same press release did not mention any such plan to lift the blockade — and Bibi’s office, when pressed, admitted that no such agreement was reached!

And yet, outside of FDL and the little tidbit Siun found buried deep in a Ha’aretz article, this is all but unknown. Google “gaza blockade” even now, and the traditional corporate media sources are all still saying that an agreement to partially lift the blockade was reached.

Meanwhile, as Siun was discovering the lede that was buried in an Israeli newspaper most Americans will never see, Bmaz, who normally is seen acting out the part of the crusty curmudgeon talking sports and law trash with Emptywheel and friends, was documenting the closing arguments of the Prop 8 trial with Emptywheel and Teddy Partridge, sending out quick texts filled with verve and information, and providing an educated and informed viewpoint that no other news outlet had to offer.

I think these folks should take a bow. They went above and beyond the call of duty this week.

If you like what FDL’s writers are doing, and you can spare the coin, please feel free to send a little money to help keep the ball, and the journalism, rolling. You are the wind beneath FDL’s wings — it wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks!

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