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Cedric Richmond victory in having Bobby Jindal’s public records bill passed sets stage for Congressional run

State Representative Cedric Richmond made his campaign announcement the other day at the WWII museum. Since one of my uncles served in WWI I can appreciate the symbolism in that. I’ve been telling people in Louisiana for years that this is America. Not France or some exotic country in the West Indies. It’s frustrating sometimes in the south from my unique perspective conveying what that means. So few blacks were given the honor of serving in WWI.

Most people don’t know about it. Think of that for a minute. For over a hundred years some of my ancestors benefited from having the full rights of being a United states citizen. The thought of giving that up becomes incomprehensible over the years. It’s not even a matter of thinking about it. After this long it becomes ingrained. So it’s not really not a matter of blacks against whites for me. The south against the north. It’s a matter of justice and democracy. Any encroachment on that constitutional right is a serious matter. When New Orleans politicians seek to politicize that constitutional right for political gain it means they have lost touch with the basic building blocks of democracy. They need to be voted out.

Third Eye Bonus: On another level. During the health care debate I think many people were surprised at how heated the debate became. The gun toting at Town Halls was very dramatic. The Obama administration got the point. A certain segment of America wanted to convey the message that they counted. That they were not willing to give up their rights as Americans. That’s fine. Senator Landrieu played into that for her conservative constituents and it turned out O.K.

Recently during the Gulf oil spill Senator Mary Landrieu showed a much greater level of respect for the President of the United States. I think she handled it the right way. Even though Mitch Landrieu made a few statements that could be construed as rabble rousing I think he showed a proper level of decorum.

The protest in Jackson square was a perfect example of how Democracies are supposed to work. They have some nut cases out there folks. On both sides of the aisle and representing all races. We all know that. Those in a position of power in the media and in public office must realize that. Now politics is politics. But to cross the line and play on some peoples inner hatred is down right disgusting. That’s the lowest a politician can go. We have to move on.

So what do we do all this for? So Obama will come talk to us. So he will give us some "juice". So the Obama administration follows your blog or column. When I first started writing I would sometimes write sensational stories. It’s not worth it. Reality and fiction starts to get blurry. You find yourself influencing readers in ways that you did not intend. So those in the media should especially be careful not to cross that imaginary line. You should be especially sensitive to it when peoples emotions are running high.

Political might is one thing. Mental might is something to be desired. But might because you can scare someone, or you can rabble rouse, or because you carry a gun. This is 2010 guys. It sends the wrong message to citizens.

But if we can not count on leaders to understand this then the south will not rise again. You could throw a zillion dollars at the problem and never get a pothole fixed. So trust me. The $20 billion dollar escrow account is in the Gulf Coasts best interest. Washington will make sure the money is used wisely. But the rabble rousers don’t want to see that.

In steps a desperate Governor Bobby Jindal to strike up the band. I said a long time ago most of his political career is hinged upon playing the races against one another. Sure he threw in a few blacks to soften the delivery. But it was basically choreographed rabble rousing. It’s his favorite stunt when the chips are down. Now in a strange twist of fate Jindal has 15 days to decide whether to veto the oil spill records. Karma is something else. Cedric Richmond was in Baton Rouge fighting tooth and nail to get the bills passed.

Since the Gulf Coast oil spill and the establishing of the $20 billion dollar escrow account that becomes even more important. As Washington D.C. will keep a keen eye out for politicians doing business as usual in the south.
Richmond gets along well with people of various backgrounds. He’s part of the new generation of Louisiana politician. The same generation as Governor Bobby Jindal. But the political environment in Louisiana has not allowed many of the best and brightest to shine. It’s a small market. So the "king of the hill" usually dominates.

For Cedric, I think this is a great opportunity to "show us what he’s got". Bobby Jindal has totally dominated the political landscape in the last few years. I’m comparing the two because I think Cedric is one of the few Louisiana politicians who has the potential to kick his game up a few more levels. Create more of a balance in the current political landscape.

To be fair, Governor Jindal took it to another level after he toyed with running for Vice President. Then he received a good hit of national exposure early in his current term. He rode that celebrity status to the bank. Which he was supposed to. Jindal’s timing has been a little off lately and some of that "juice" he accumulated has evaporated.

So I feel Richmond can turn the corner during this campaign. He should relax and not concentrate too much on things like campaign funds. That will come. As the campaign goes on and voters start to get a feel for his basic message. That should take care of itself.

If he can help it he should try not to get bogged down in the local political scene as this race develops. Sure, he should have a little fun with voters, other politicians, and hangers on but I wouldn’t get side tracked. This position not only represent Louisiana but also the United States.The Obama administration has helped create an atmosphere in Washington in which Cedric could get some things done. He might even be able to smooth things out for other Congress members from Louisiana. If there interested.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cedric since I first made the mistake of making a rude comment about his dad at Goretti playground many years ago. I wasn’t aware of the circumstances. His older brother got on me pretty good. I must say this. Cedric’s mother, Maple Jackson Gaines is truly an inspiration to mothers everywhere.

Over the past year, Richmond has been lining up endorsements from Orleans and Jefferson elected officials. Attending Monday’s announcement were more than a dozen of them, including some of his opponents last time — new state Rep. Helena Moreno and some other politicians. Watch Video for the rest.

Richmond was elected in 1999 to the state House from the 101st District, which covers much of eastern New Orleans. He won easy re-elections in 2003 and 2007, picking up more than 70 percent of the vote each time.

Richmond is a graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School. He has a bachelor’s degree in business management and accounting from Morehouse College and a law degree from Tulane University.

If you want to be the first to see the sunrise. One of the best places to see it is in Washington D.C..
Original article: Cedric Richmond announces run for Congress at WWII museum

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