Bogged Down

Don’t worry, small people, your troubles are few.
The BP oil execs care about you. Truly. They do.

They said so at the White House. They said so on the Hill.
They said so at the microphone. What’s this? There is a bill?

They think about you day by day
While they wile away

Their hours on their yachts
Contemplating neither nail nor cog.

Yachts named Bob that sail around the Wight
Leaving deepwater thoughts to another’s plight

They lap up apologia from Joe and from Michele.
They jet deluxe not hike you know, pip pip and whatthehell.

For who would begrudge poor Tony’s life
Doubtless with a charming wife.

Yet for all their naughts
The Gulf becomes the Bog.
crossposted at Prairie Sun Rising

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