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Show Us Your Papers, Tom Emmer!

Culture-jammer and immigration satirist Robert Erickson is back!

This time, he’s going after the insane cruelty of Tom Emmer, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s officially endorsed candidate for governor and the guy they want to see replace Tim Pawlenty, with regard to the unborn — namely, the unborn children of immigrant women. Emmer, who claims to be "pro-life", apparently couldn’t care less about the unborn if their mothers’ skins happen to look somewhat different from his.

Prepared text of Erickson’s speech:

Tom Emmer, Republican candidate for governor and anti-immigrant extremist, says that SB1070 is a "Wonderful first step".

Anti-European immigration activist Robert Erickson gives him and his supporters a taste of their own medicine.

Text of Robert’s Speech:

Let me be honest. . . Like Tom Emmer, I support SB1070.

This country was built on racial profiling. Why stop now?

We are in a crisis,

America has been overrun by illegal immigrants and we need to put a stop to it.

We need to secure our borders.

We need to hold our government accountable.

Ever since Columbus arrived, indigenous Americans have been under attack with policies of genocide, slavery, and ethnic cleansing perpetuated by Illegal Europeans.

Its time to say enough is enough!

I applaud Emmer for his courage in trying to strengthen racial profiling in Minnesota,

I applaud Emmer for introducing bills to prevent the unborn children of immigrants from getting prenatal care.

I applaud Emmer and proudly share his vision of a Minnesota where we check all illegal Europeans for papers and deny their unborn children life saving medical treatment.

Columbus didn’t have papers so why should treat his children and their descendants like human beings?

So I hope Tom Emmer will join me!

Tom, let’s come out of the shadows!

Tom, let’s admit that we both are the product of illegal immigration and genocide.

As such, we need to be deported immediately!

Now just in case Tom Emmer is confused about what an illegal immigrant looks like, let’s ask him and all his friends to show us their papers!

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