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Pinata! Hit With The Ugly Stick

As a Californian, I’m following the governors race. The other day, I read news that Meg Whitman had engaged in a physical altercation with another employee. And, honestly, although my leanings are to try to be nice, think peaceful thoughts and such, I thought, "Wow, the other person must have hit her with the ugly stick." I gave myself a half an hour in the corner for that thought.
But, then yesterday when I read Jan Brewer’s reaction to the news that the DOJ would be checking out her state’s soon to become law ruling that police had the requirement to Check People’s Papers, The Ugly Stick came to mind again.
I’m not calling the woman’s appearance ugly, witchy, uncomfortable to look at. I’m talking about what motivates her and others of her ilk. Her Heart. It’s just nasty.
I’m fully aware that we live in challenging times. I myself have a few issues that raise my blood pressure and inspire me to not sleep well at night.
Like many other (okay, almost All Other) Angelenos, I watched the NBA playoffs last night. Okay. LA won. I will admit it was the only game of the finals that we watched. Gosh Dern, it was Thursday night and, well, frankly we did. We also watch the Superbowl even when we haven’t watched a single game of the season. And, then, this morning I read news reports of the rioting and violence in the streets afterwards. I wondered what would people have done if LA lost?
So, I started wondering, a dangerous thing – I know, what would have happened if LA had lost? I’m thinking that the same thing would have occurred. The only thing I could come up with is that people are just looking for a reason, an excuse to go nuts.
Is this why Jan Brewer spouts terribly bigoted words? I don’t know.
If you have any other people you’d like to put on the list of People Who Have Been Hit With The Ugly Stick, this is an opportunity to list them.
Sorry for being so "UGLY" today. I’m actually in a better mood than other days, which is why I even have the fortitude to post a diary.
I DO love my FDL friends very much and thank you in advance for your kinds and considerate thoughtful comments.
As Kelly Canfield says "Mwyaaaaaa!". And, as Tavis Smily says, Keep the faith.

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