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These Wall Street reform conference committee hearings have been going long. It seems nothing gets decided until after I’m done for the day. Anyway, I’ll monitor. Also, too:

• Israel has apparently agreed to ease restrictions on the flow of humanitarian goods into Gaza, but it’s unclear what that entails, and no details have been officially given. I think any praise for Israel at this point is a bit premature. On a related note, this business at the World Zionist Congress sounds crazy.

• Clearly David Broder has his finger on the pulse of reality, attacking the President for – get this – paying too much attention to the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the nation, and not enough to… the deficit.

• What does “Gulf restoration project” mean? It’s a big, noble goal that came out of the Oval Office speech, but it’s completely undefined. The LA Times imagines the possibilities.

• Pretty amazing backstory by Sam Stein on Joe Barton, who almost lost his ranking membership today. Apparently there are some things a Republican can’t say, at least if you want to win elections. Barton’s still not out of the woods, as Democrats continue to pile on.

• Did you know that the top contributor to Joe Barton is a BP partner on the Deepwater Horizon rig? Could that possibly surprise you?

Internet kill switch says what? Great, so the President has “the button” and “the mouse”?

• There seems to be an outbreak of “STFU” coming from defenders of the Administration – see Lanny Davis, Jonathan Alter, Jonathan Chait, John Cole. I guess I don’t understand why they give a crap. Who cares what “The angry Left” has to say – it’s an axiom inside Washington that they’re powerless and unimportant, anyway. As Glenn Greenwald tweeted, “That contradiction has been around forever: (1) The Fringe, Meaningless Left which (2) is RUINING EVERYTHING!!!”

• Hillary Clinton: the White House will file suit over the Arizona immigration law. She jumped the gun a bit on that one.

• Remember when Dick Gephardt was thought of as labor’s candidate for President? Yeah, me neither.

• The House passed a small business lending facility today, fully paid for through Treasury Department dividend payments. I’ve almost given up on reporting on House bill passage, because they just go into a black hole (we know it as the Senate).

• Lawrence Lessig joins the chorus of liberals objecting to the provisions of the DISCLOSE Act. By the way, House Democrats, exempting MORE groups isn’t exactly helping you any.

• BP lobbyists are still holding fundraisers for members of Congress.

• Meanwhile, the burning of the oil coming from the well has begun. Is anyone keeping track of the greenhouse gas emissions coming from that? The environmental damage?

• Meg Whitman pulls a Yasser Arafat, says she opposes the Arizona immigration law in a Spanish-language ad, but has Pete Wilson (he of Prop 187 fame) as her mentor and main spokesman to the English-speaking conservative world in California.

• I’m very pleased to see $250 million expended by HHS to increase the number of primary-care doctors. This is urgently needed, especially if you’re expanding access to health care.

• Kyrgyzstan has seen some awful tragedy of late, and now they’ve taken a hostage – the US Airbase in their country. “The interim government would consider shutting a strategic US airbase if Britain refused to hand over the son of the country’s ousted president.” What do we have to do with it? I thought our image was improving abroad!

• Alvin Greene straight-up asked for cash in exchange for an interview with TIME. Hey, the guy’s unemployed, you do what you can. But it’s hard to argue with Bob Menendez being supportive of a new candidate, if improprieties get found.

• Here’s another Tea Party nut claiming that the federal government created a spill of millions of barrels of oil on purpose. What do we call these conspiracy theorists? Spillers?

• Sam Seder has a cool little Web series. Here’s his latest, on the gay blood donor ban.

• Check out this website with a vuvuzela added to it.

• Finally, here’s the song of the day, given Joe Barton’s comments:

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