The Lovely Couple And Their Guests

God Whisperer Tony Woodlief sentimentally mentions the McArdle wedding, which we will ignore in favor of one of his observations:

The room was filled with brilliant, snarky people, many of them paid to analyze or critique, nearly all of them familiar enough with politics and human nature to spot sentimentality and cons and prevarication a mile off.

The bride lies about health care for a living and believed every word ever uttered by an investment banker. The groom lives in the world of political operatives, creating fake web sites designed to trick people out of government assistance and dreaming up ways to pin corporate corruption on liberals. Their friends are trying to eliminate the safety net and further enrich a tiny group of multi-millionaires. Their mental powers are devoted to creating and supporting propaganda instead of creating original ideas and working out fact-based solutions. Lies about marriage paid for their wedding, lies about housing will pay for their house, and lies about teachers will pay for their child’s education.

But oh! how lovely the bride and groom look as they dance and drink and celebrate their love and friendship. Less lovely are the wars they supported, the poverty they justified and the jobs they want destroyed, but glibertarians believe consequences, like taxes, should be paid for by other people.

Photo from here.

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