Dennis Prager is fighting for the right to keep his penis. Or something:

What do transgendered have to do with gays? How and why are they connected by activists, gay and straight, on the Left? Strictly speaking, gays have no more in common with transgendered people than straights do.

To understand the answer is to understand much of what animates the Sexual Left.


Because the Left seeks to obliterate the distinction between men and women. This distinction is considered to be a social construct. That is why, to this day, despite all the scientific evidence (as if that were needed) proving how different male and female brains are, many Leftwing academics still argue that boys play with trucks rather than with dolls because of sexist socialization; and girls play with dolls because of socialization.

And that is why, on the Left, changing the definition of marriage is only worth a shrug. Since there are no inherent differences between men and women, what difference could it possibly make whether a man marries a man or a woman, or whether a woman marries a man or a woman? Or if children have two fathers, two mothers, or a father and mother?

For those of us who believe that the male-female distinction is vital to civilization, the Left’s attempts to erase this distinction are worth fighting against.

Right. Because if you’re not accorded overwhelming superiority in our society simply by virtue of being a straight dude (as in DUDE WITH A DONG, as in UNDENIABLY POSSESSING OF THE PEEN), then what makes you special? How are you supposed to know you’re better, by golly, if you can’t lord your normalcy over some guy what wants to wear a skirt? Why, it’s almost like without your mad wearing-pants-while-male skillz, you’ve got nothing else to prove your awesomeness!

Part of me reallly wants to take up a collection to get these people some therapy, but then there’d be about two-thirds fewer posts at Clownhall for us to make fun of. Tough call.


Allison Hantschel

Allison Hantschel

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