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Is this what Peter LaBarbera wants to teach youths about the gay community?

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This morning, Peter LaBarbera posted a piece attacking blogger Joe Jervis for his astute condemnation of LaBarbera's idea of a “training camp” for future anti-gay activists.

Don't be fooled. Peter's attack on Jervis is merely to induce pity and obscure the absolute inanity behind the idea of an anti-gay “Truth Academy.”

Since news came out about Peter LaBarbera trying to start a “Truth Academy” designed to fight the alleged “gay agenda” and “reverse years of pro-”gay” brainwashing in the schools and popular culture,” I couldn't help but to ruminate over it.

The news of LaBarbera's “Truth Academy” was met with derision by some. But let's not be so quick to totally laugh it off, especially when one takes into account who his “instructors” are going to be.

LaBarbera's tenative list is a veritable who's who when it comes to disseminating false and dehumanizing data on lgbts, such as Matt Barber, seen here at the religious right “Great Awakening” panel discussion on lgbt rights, where gay rights are linked to the raping of disabled veterans, child molestation, bestiality, and fecal matter:

One wonders if LaBarbera will invite homophobic Ugandan Martin Ssempa to teach students. After all, this sort of thing seems to be up his alley:

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