In the coming week, we’ll get a prime-time speech from the President about the oil spill, answers from the FinReg conference, some movement on jobs legislation, and more. Here’s the rest of the weekend to get you started:

• Oil touched down in Alabama this weekend. At least residents can see, smell and touch their negative externality.

• Meanwhile, Gene Taylor (D-MS), who originally compared the oil spill to chocolate milk and assured everyone it would “break up naturally,” now has a massive plan to intercept the oil before it hits Mississippi. Don’t know if it involves the Nestlé’s Quik rabbit or not. I guess a Big Government liberal is a Blue Dog whose coastline is about to be destroyed for 100 years.

• Speaking of the deficit scolds, they never seem to acknowledge that the problem is the demand side. Lagging sales account for small business troubles, not the lack of lending. And this could be alleviated by, well, increasing aggregate demand.

• I’ve created a lot of crappy video in my days as an editor et al, but nothing as crappy as producing the BP rehabilitation commercial, as Democratic “strategist” Steve McMahon’s firm did. What a horrendous character.

• I look at these House ratings, and the #25-30 seats look pretty marginal to me. Because five of these 30 seats are held by Republicans, the GOP would need another list of about this size to win the House. And if that’s where they’re leaving off, I fundamentally don’t see it, though there are always surprises and this is a quirky year.

• Israel has offered an “independent commission” to look into the Gaza flotilla incident, with two international observers (from Canada and Northern Ireland). I think the Guardian has some new, unedited footage from the ship they can take a look at. Meanwhile the Secretary General of the Arab League visited Gaza for the first time since Hamas took power in 2007.

• According to Grist, Rahm Emanuel was behind the slow-walk of climate change legislation, the same way he was behind the slow-walk of health care legislation.

• What about the soldiers living in fear of being discharged while the Pentagon takes its time with its “study” of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

• The xenophobes are trying to roll back the 14th Amendment and prohibit so-called “anchor babies” from obtaining birthright citizenship. Certainly there will be a “American Values Board” created to determine who gets the stamp of citizenship approval and who has to nurse themselves across the border.

• In a surprising move, Russia stopped its missile sales to Iran. They also voted for the new UN sanctions, so the Obama Administration has brought them almost fully on board with their agenda toward Iran.

• Not much protesting on display in Iran on the anniversary of the uprising, sad to say. I blame myself and the lack of a green masthead for the site.

• Jill Richardson recounts her citizen lobbying trip to DC in support of the school lunch bill. It’s not an uplifting tale.

• Note to the White Sox and Cubs – don’t renew the sponsorship for your “Crosstown Cup” for interleague play, when the sponsor is BP.

David Dayen

David Dayen

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