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Sunday Late Night: Prison Bra War

Did Gideon v Wainwright, the Supreme Court decision that granted every accused the right to counsel regardless of ability to pay, say anything about the lawyer’s brassiere? Apparently, in the Federal penal system, wearing the wrong bra gets an attorney excluded from meeting with her client.

Female lawyer wears underwire bra.

Female lawyer sets off prison metal detector when trying to visit her client at the Miami Federal Detention Center.

Female lawyer is denied entry.

Female lawyer goes into bathroom and removes bra.

Female lawyer, now wearing blouse and jacket but braless, gets through metal detector.

Female lawyer is denied entry… this time for violating prison dress code for not wearing bra.

No lawyer for you, accused alleged criminal!

“So, simply because I was a woman who wore a specific bra, my client was denied access to his attorney today,” Horstman said. “This is completely unacceptable.”

Of course, this was all dealt with years ago under an agreement that lets the guard use a wand to determine that an underwire bra set off the detector. But, as “people familiar with the procedure” (but not tight-lipped prison officials) said:

the guards on duty Friday probably “didn’t get the memo.”

Or else Friday’s guards just wanted to fuck with the lady lawyer. Petty authoritarians.


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Teddy Partridge