Let’s Get This Party Started

Hello, everybody. I’m Susan of Texas, and I’m one of the guest-bloggers who will keep you all entertained while the irreplaceable TBogg gets some well-deserved rest. My blog is The Hunting Of The Snark, where I study the intellectual achievements of Megan McArdle, explore religion with Kathryn Jean Lopez, analyze progressive fascism with Jonah Goldberg, and sometimes even find time for a little fan fiction.

Regrettably Megan McArdle has let me down by running off on her honeymoon just when I need her the most, but fortunately I have come into possession of the most amazing Sarah Palin story that I can’t wait to share with you. We promised TBogg to stay away from booze and hookers while he was on vacation, but he didn’t say a word about breasts….

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