Once again Jon Stewart and his writers hit the nail on the head. Jon brought the focus of Helen Thomas retirement in response to pressure applied over her one insensitive question after 50 years as a journalist, to the tough questions Helen has asked about the dead and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, drones, and U.S. foreign policy in regard to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Jon asked "who is going to ask those questions"

He also poked much needed fun at why journalist are fighting for the chair of Helen Thomas and the lame and hollow questions they ask. Jon Stewart ask the White House Press Corp "Are you journalists or are you rushing a sorority?"

What I want to ask is when will some of those White House Press Corp seats be given to Marcy Wheeler, Steve Clemons, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, Professor Juan Cole? Progressive and professional bloggers who would ask tough, relevant questions like Helen Thomas. Instead of the lame questions that many White House press corp ask the President and the White Hours Press Secretary?

>The people of the U.S. need Marcy, Jane, Glenn, Steve Clemons and Prof Cole in that room.

Stewart’s clip below