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VIDEO: The BP Coffee Disaster

Here’s a little comic relief from the horrors of the Gulf oil leak (52 days and counting).

From UCB Comedy (h/t jason):

Some reactions from across the political spectrum (courtesy of Scarecrow):

Mary Landrieu: "We have to be careful not to overreact, because our economy depends on coffee and styrofoam."

Obama: "I’m outraged at coffee and want to know whose ass to kick!"

Fox News: "That comment was not presidential! He should not have said ‘kick’."

Haley Barbour: "That’s not coffee on my trousers!"

Tea Party: "This is big government’s fault."

Goldman Sachs: "We’ve been short on coffee for months."

Sarah Palin: "Do you get it now, you stupid extremist enviros?"

Al Gore: "I’ve been warning us for decades we’re far too dependent on coffee."

Starbucks: "We always provide lids."

"Hear" any other reactions? Share them with us in the comments!

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Brian Sonenstein

Brian Sonenstein

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