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The Founding of Israel

Israel was founded in 1948 by the United Nations. That is the only thing the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ agree on about the founding of Israel.

Anyway, so I spent more than a couple years reading about the founding of Israel, Morris, Segev, Chomsky, Milstein, Avnery, Khalidi and others. What I found is that Israel is like poker and cocaine, it tends to make a liar out of people. Let me summarize what the Right and the Left propagate about the founding of Israel:

The Right:
Israel was founded in 1948 by the UN, and was promptly attacked by the Arab countries around it.

The Left:
Zionists did not accept the UN Partition Plan. Zionists seized areas beyond the proposed Jewish State and did not recognize the International Zone. Using force and terrorism months before May 1948, Jews seized land beyond the UN proposed borders. The UN Plan was used as a pretense for taking over most of Palestine.

Now of course, it is much more complicated that what these sides say. Both sides are distorting the issue, but I think that the "Right" actually comes closer to what happened. I came to this conclusion after studying source documents that I found on the UN website.

Neither side was happy with the Partition plan. However, when the Left accuses Israel of not accepting the Partition plan, they are lying. Israel did, and although Israel used UNJUSTIFIED force and terror months before May 1948, the Left is leaving out a few things also.

Arabs were promising genocide of the Jews that lived in Palestine. The Jews were requesting international troops to enforce the partition, while Arabs were promising violence against any international force that was sent. If the Jews were bent on committing genocide and rejecting the partition, why where they repeatedly requesting international troops to enforce it?

All of the following links come from the UNISPAL website, a UN website that has the actual reports that were submitted to the UN by players involved during this crisis.

Here is a link to Ben Guroin requesting international troops, or arming the Jews to stop Arab attacks against them:

Here is a link to the Jewish Agency requesting that a Trusteeship be implemented in Jerusalem, as the Arabs had cut off water supplies and food to the Jews who lived there. This was in February, 1948, before Israel became a state, and the cutting off of Jerusalem was what leads to many of the force and terrorism months before May 1948 that were alluded to by the Left in the above paragraph.

Here is a link stating that the Arabs will meet any international force with violence, and also documenting that large arab forces where entering Palestine to fight the Jews and details some of the fighting occurring at that time. It is dated Feb 17, 1948.

Here is a link to the UN’s attempt to get a cease fire in Jerusalem in April, 1948, an attempt that was welcomed by the Jewish Agency, yet was declared that …such a move is premature… the Arab High Committee.

Here is a link to Shertok, a high ranking member of the Jewish Agency, requesting that: if an Arab group were formed in Palestine that was willing to implement this decision, and this group entertained or alleged fears of Jewish aggression, let me say that this group should be entitled to be helped form its militia in exactly the same manner as the Jewish side, both as regards arms, and regards equipment.
Also in this link he states that:

I would sum up the feeling of our people and the attitude of the Jewish Agency for Palestine by briefly stating that we generally regard the establishment of an international force as being most essential, most necessary and eminently desirable.

There are many things you can argue about Israel, however, it is clear that in the beginning, Israel was willing to accept that partition plan, while the Arabs were not, and in fact, were promising to wipe out the Jews living in Palestine, and fighting any international force that would arrive to implement it.

And Israel did commit many ethnic cleansings, some out of military necessity, and others to clear the land for Jews. Much of the cleansing that was done to clear the land for Jews came in October 1948 through early 1949. The ones that happened in 1949 happened after a ceasefire was signed, and can not be excused by anyone.

For a synopsis of the Left’s take on the War of 1948, please go here:

None of this excuses the illegal occupation or the war crimes committed by Israel. This is simply the facts as I understand them.

I understand that many will disagree with this, I am fine with that.

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