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Iara Lee “Israel Came to Kill” Exclusive: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla

Many of us are aware of talking heads like Chris Matthews showing the Israeli released and doctored clip of the Israeli soldiers hitting the deck 8 times in 7 minutes last Tuesday. That same evening Keith Olbermann did not even touch the subject (made up for that by having Ambassador Peck who was on the ship on Countdown. the next evening. Rachel Maddow actually had two clips of the raid from both sides of the issue (she is generally silent on all things Israel.

Will any of these talking heads invite film maker Iara Lee on with her live footage from the flotilla massacre? Will Chris Matthews show activist trying to revive one of those shot by the Israeli soldiers 8 times in seven minutes. Will they tell the truth? Or at the very least show the other side of this issue? If last weeks coverage by our MSM has not demonstrated one more time making it crystal clear that the I lobby and Israel have a huge influence on what our MSM will and will not show not only about what took place on the Gaza Freedom ship the Mavi Marmara but anything honest, balanced, and accurate about the I/P conflict.

On Democracy Now today a clip of the one hour of footage that Iara lee was able to get off the ship after Israeli soldiers confiscated all recording equipment from the activist.

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