Bhang Bhang. I’m A Burnout.

I started blogging back in September of 2002. A regular kibitzer on Salon’s Table Talk politics threads, I was encouraged to try that new “blogging thing” by fellow Table Talker and gym instructor Kurt Foster who also happened to be Atrios who also happened to be Duncan Black who happened to be, as he put it: “stealing your best stuff”. Our muse (if we had one) back then was Media Whores Online and our mission (if we had one) was to “fact check the asses” of mainstream media who at that time maintained a too cozy relationship with the people they were supposed to be covering from an objective distance.

Thank Jeebus we don’t have  that problem anymore.

Back then the Virgin Ben was still a virgin, Michelle Malkin was a still a fourth-tier columnist who had yet to learn that bigotry and hate-mongering paid big bucks, Sarah Palin was still a B-cup, and Meghan Cox Gurden was, to me,  a godsend… only probably not in the way she  imagined herself to be. Over time, I somehow became the blogger who blogs about bloggers and the stupid bloggy things that they blog about.  That and bassets. Which brings us up to today.

I’ve been doing this for long long time on an almost daily basis at both my old place and here at FDL and I have now reached the point of flame-out, melt-down, unrecognizable charred husk of my former self. There are not too many days when I don’t get up thinking that it’s time to hang up the ol’ keyboard and maybe do something more meaningful like a start up a boyband. So, with the blessings of my gracious hosts, I have decided to take a break for about three  weeks plus change, and step completely away from the computer and  get caught up on my reading, watch some movies, take long walks on the beach, maybe try out some new moves on mrs TBogg, and see if I can’t reboot myself because, to be honest, I’m kind of tired of my act.

Of course, this means no basset blogging, no twitter-twatting, no nothing. Outside of ESPN and email, I am leaving the intertubes behind.  No. Seriously. I mean it. To fill the spaces in between, I have invited a few of my favorites to fill in and they have promised to amuse, inform, and dazzle you.  As I always ask the dogs before I leave: “Can you be good?” and then… they never are.

I expect the same out of all of you. Don’t make me come back in here with a rolled up iPad….

See you again about July 8ish.


Also. This, by the way, is just a creepy coincidence.

Also. This. Too.

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