Art Flap, Jack: Orly Taitz Subpoenas Pancake Painter

Hot on the heels of losing the Republican nom for California Secretary of State, dentist cum rabid birther Orly Taitz has subpoenaed Dan Lacy, painter of pancakes, to reveal who commissioned his recent oeuvre, Orly Taitz, Birther of Pancakes

Lacy tells his fans that he will unveil the

shadow enabler

pixel by pixel on his site, and hopes that supporters of fine art, free speech and flapjacks will send him $2.37 each to help offset the cost his defense against the vociferous tooth scrubbing, grammar mutilating lawyer.  In her most recent filing which announces the subpoena, Taitz suspects George Soros of being Lacy’s placenta/pancake patron–and of underwriting other works of art which denigrate conservatives:

Recent article by Washington burro [sic] correspondent Stephanie Mencimer shows that “artist” Dan Lacey, who painted despicable art work series “Birther Orly Taitz”, showing Taitz nude, with her legs spread, giving birth and holding bloody placenta, which were sent to her children, posted on the Internet and a local paper, did not work on his own accord. Dan Lacey admitted, that he was commissioned, paid by someone to do this, it was a clear attempt to intimidate Taitz and pressure her to withdraw as a candidate. As far as damages are concerned $20,000 is only the tip of the iceberg, as immeasurable emotional damage was caused to Taitz and her whole family. Lacey refused to provide reporter Stephanie Mencimer with the name of the person who hired him, who paid him, however during the depositions and upon subpoena this information will be available and will be provided to court. At the onset of the litigation Taitz cannot provide all the evidence and is not obligated to do so. Taitz has showed sufficient evidence to show that she has standing to proceed. This particular evidence is crucial, as it shows concerted effort. At this time Taitz cannot state with certainty who paid Dan Lacey, however it is common knowledge, that Billionaire George Soros, one of the biggest backers of Obama,  through his organization,  has commissioned numerous artists to promote Obama and denigrate his opponents and critics. Only discovery will provide the names of all the Jane Does and John Does involved.  At the end of the day Watergate was unraveled by tracing the  moneys received, the bank accounts of the Watergate burglars, ObamaFraudGate will be fully exposed by tracing the bank accounts of individuals who were involved in intimidation and harassment of Taitz, her family and others and the bank accounts of individuals and organizations that commissioned them, as well as tracing financial transactions correlating to multiple social security numbers found in the National databases for Barack Obama, Barry Obama and Michelle Obama as well as multiple current job employments listed in the dossiers.

Lacy’s donors will be entered in a drawing to win the big reveal painting Orly Taitz: The Naked Pancake Truth. The donations will help underwrite Lacy’s defense fundraising benefit show “Colors of Orly” in Minneapolis and, as the painter explains,  covering the cost of

rent, publicity, and printed items, as well as round-the-clock protection for myself and my family as the date of the show and the revealed identity of the shadow enabler draws nearer.

Those who give upwards of $25 can receive signed items, including art cards and prints of the controversial Obama on a Unicorn and pancake-themed Palin and Taitz artwork.

Expect Taitz to then subpoena the names of Lacy’s donors.

Orly gives birth to Lacy's continued success

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