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After Winning GOP Senatorial Nomination in Nevada, Sharron Angle Scrubs the Crazy from Her Website

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Harry Reid is the luckiest man alive. Just hours after the Teabagger-backed Angle locked up the Republican nomination, she took down all the content on her website. Why? Because it’s an abundance of crazy a bit too honest about what right-wingers really think.

Luckily, the good folks at Mother Jones snagged the Google cache for us.

On abolishing Social Security:

Social Security and its attendant Medicare are broken and bankrupt systems because we, as voting citizens, have allowed congress to transform these systems from insurance programs to and [sic] entitlement programs. […] Free market alternatives, which offer retirement choices to employees and employers, must be developed and offered to those still in their wage earning years, as the Social Security system is transitioned out.

On drill, baby drill:

??As a long-term policy, America must expand its own domestic energy supplies. Sharron Angle would legislate to repeal regulations that prohibit off shore drilling, drilling in ANWR and development of American owned petroleum resources.

On climate change:

Cap and Trade, which is based on an unscientific hysteria over the man-caused global warming hoax, steps over the constitutional boundaries of the federal government and is merely another way to tax the people.

On her plans to reduce the deficit by … cutting taxes!

As your U.S. Senator, Sharron Angle will introduce legislation in line with her economic policy of:

  • Pay back the deficit
  • Cut back on spending, taxation and regulation

On the UN:

The U.N. continually threatens U.S. sovereignty, with endless rhetoric and treaties and it has now become the “umpire” on fraudulent science, such as global warming.

On immigration:

Sharron Angle has been endorsed by Minuteman PAC.

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And so it goes. Republicans know this won’t sell at the box office — that’s why they prefer that these rather mainstream GOP views be hidden under more abstract dog whistles. Angle just doesn’t know how to “message” this stuff yet.

The useful thing about the Tea Party movement is that it has stripped all of those layers of Frank Luntz/Karl Rove/Lee Atwater paint off and shown us what Republicans really are.

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