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With a Holy Land Like This World Has, Who Needs Hell?

When will peace finally come to that battlefield of religion they call the Holy Land? When will that day finally come? When the last Muslim and the last Jew have killed each other in the ruins of Jerusalem? Would Likud finally be satisfied? Would Hamas finally be satisfied?

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict has multiple causes, there are legitimate grievances on both sides, but there are also demagogues on both sides, fanatics on both sides, cynical exploiters of religion on both sides, killers of children on both sides. That vicious cycle of violence has to be stopped, the crisis has to be resolved. Blockading Gaza won’t resolve it, blockading Gaza is making it worse.

Politicians will never bring peace to this world, people like you and me will have to be the peacemakers. We can be and we’ll have to be. Believing we can end the killing isn’t an illusion. Believing we can’t is the illusion.

Roger Waters knows who the peacemakers will be, he knows what must be overcome and who will overcome it. He sang for us in Kelly Canfield’s diary, and he’s going to sing again for those who haven’t heard him yet . . .

We’re surrounded by prison walls. Prison walls of injustice, prison walls of war, prison walls of politics and propaganda and corporate profit and deceit. But we can tear down those prison walls. With the truth. The truth will set us free.

We don’t have to go looking for the truth, it’s within us, it’s all around us, all we have to do is see it. And then tell it. We can do that, we learned how to talk long ago. Peace is the truth and the truth is peace. Justice is the truth and the truth is justice. Love is the truth and the truth is love. Tell that to your “leaders”. Tell them that, wherever you live. Tell it in English on the streets of Washington, tell it in Hebrew on the streets of Tel Aviv, tell it in Arabic on the streets of Cairo and Damascus and Riyadh. In every language of every land from the steppes of Asia to the Nile Valley, from Beijing to Islamabad, from St. Petersburg to Johannesburg and everywhere in between.

We can tear down those prison walls with the truth, we can reject the lies our “leaders” tell us, we can erase the borders that divide us, we can tell the generals to STFU and throw every one of their weapons of war into the sea. We can tell the politicians who like wars so much to go fight them, we can tell the weapons makers to go fight them, we can tell the mullahs and rabbis and evangelists to go fight them.

They can take Blitzer and O’Reilly and Hannity and Beck along for that last ride to the last battlefield, they can take all the flag wavers whose boots have never been on the ground along for that last crusade. Televise it. Televise it live so everyone can see what shock and awe on the faces of the damned looks like. If the politicians and pundits and preachers and propaganda peddlers were the ones who had to do the fighting and dying, we’d see peace in a hurry, we’d see it in a heartbeat.

Peace is the truth and the truth is peace.

Justice is the truth and the truth is justice.

Love is the truth and the truth is love.

Those are the words that need to be spoken, that’s the message we have to send, that’s the truth that will set us free, that’s the truth as I see it on this 9th day of June in the 10th year of what will be humanity’s last century if the truth isn’t told.

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