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Oil Patch Hooliganism Should Surprise No One

The appalling lack of factual background that was present in oil companies’ data submitted to obtain approval for drilling has been remarked on by many of those involved in that permit grant process. Sen. Boxer in particular honed in during the recent hearing on what led to the ongoing spill by BP particularly on the false information the senate had received.

Some of us have watched Big Oil go down this path, with this kind of deceptive character, for some time here in Texas. In today’s news, a new wrinkle is coming out, a massive theft from Mexico’s oil production company, Pemex, that has all the rowdy markings of cattle rustling.

Members of the oil community along the border were stealing very desirable concentrated oil from pipelines, even putting in siphon pipes directly into Pemex facilities, and selling to other big oil companies. Sometimes as much as 40% of production was hijacked and looted. The country of Mexico was losing huge amounts of profits it had earned, which it desperately needs.

These rustlers would feel at home on Wall Street. Except on Wall Street, there probably isn’t so much botheration about illegal immigration.

Mexico’s state-run oil monopoly has sued five companies — including the world’s largest chemical firm — in hopes of recovering more than $300 million in stolen petroleum condensate illegally resold in South Texas….
The lawsuit, filed Monday in a federal court in Houston, identifies German chemical giant BASF and Tulsa, Okla.-based Murphy Energy as end receivers of the stolen product.
“Their purchases, even if unwitting, encourage more theft and violence to obtain the condensate to sell to the United States,” he said. “Money used to purchase the stolen condensate also takes away funds (meant) for the benefit of the people of Mexico.”

Is it any wonder that the submission of information that was needed to obtain permits that would profit them was never regarded by oil companies as a matter of honor, requiring transparent and factual data? The oilfields are hardly the landscape for genteel parlor games, quite otherwise. Surely there’s a way to interest this gang in rustling oil now floating in the gulf? Like put a bounty on it?

Of course, if they’d stolen horses, they’d be in danger of hanging, so I guess the races are still on even in South Texas.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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