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Kendrick Meek on Activism

A snippet from the America’s Future Now conference, where Rep. Kendrick Meek addressed the closing session:

“You’re supposed to make people like me uncomfortable. You’re supposed to make executives uncomfortable. Continue to challenge us and make us better. Continue to fight for people who cannot help themselves. We must continue to put on the pressure.”

I know there’s a lot of flattery here – he’s running for Senate and not doing much of a job of it yet – but the message is worth heeding. A lot of the discussions out here among some pretty pissed-off and deflated liberals have been about strategies for activism and advocacy. We can respond to the maddening complexity and too-often stupidity of politics in Washington by recoiling through personal disengagement, or by creating discomfort. I vote for the latter.

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David Dayen

David Dayen

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