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“Effing Retarded” in Obama’s White House: How to Alienate Democrats

For reasons that could make sense only to the "effing retarded," the Obama White House has chosen not only to ignore virtually every Democratic voter group but to taunt them, rub their noses in it, and insult any Democrats who dare to demand better choices than the corporate shills that now control much of the Party and the White House.

Ever the naive optimist, I hoped the effing retarded coward who anonymously criticized working families for trying to get an Arkansas Senate candidate that isn’t yet totally owned by corporations was just showing his usual political stupidity. After all, the usual cowardly "senior [White House] official," Rahm Emanuel, is well known for promoting either loser candidates that alienate the base or those who predictably vote against a decent Democratic agenda. He’s been a train wreck for the Democratic Party, helping Obama kill all hope for reversing a decade of disastrous policies.

But it wasn’t just the usual White House coward spouting off. Today, when reporters asked Press Secretary Gibbs whether the anonymous coward spoke for the White House, instead of saying the idiot would be found and fired — as any rational President would do even he cared only for his own political success — Gibbs essentially said yes, the White House endorsed the underlying message: unions and others unhappy with corporate Democrats should not be working to replace them but instead support Democrats in the general.

Oh really? Well, screw you and your anti-democratic views, White House.

So let’s see. In just the last year, the White House has managed not merely to ignore and disappoint but often gone out of its way to mislead, lie to and betray liberals/progressives, labor unions, teachers, Hispanics, gays/lesbians, anti-war groups, dedicated environmentalists, respected pro-employment/pro-growth Nobel economists, climate scientists, financial reformers, defenders of Medicare and Social Security, mainstreet populists, civil liberties and women’s rights advocates, defenders of public interest regulation, alternative energy/efficiency supporters and even scarecrows.

In case you don’t recognize the list, they’re the core, the heart, the brains and the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party.

It’s practically everyone that makes the Democratic Party worth having as a party. They’re the people who’ve advocated effective governance and defended rationality against mindlessness, and who’ve spent years working in the public interest. They put Obama in the White House and Democrats in the majority to return their values to governance. And without them, who’s left? What’s left of the party?

Apparently, the Obama White House thinks they don’t need the Democratic Party as anything other than an empty, mindless shell. They don’t need the people and groups who’ve made up the party for decades. They don’t want anyone but unthinking, acquiescent shills, willing to rubber stamp corporate hacks, half-assed policies, broken promises, missed opportunities, discredited free-market rhetoric and pandering to nihilist nonsensical Republican "ideas" and "good faith," and who won’t complain as the disloyal opposition and crazies do and say everything they can to destroy political discourse and delegitimize government that functions in the public interest.

This is apparently what the White House wants, because that’s what their words and actions tell us. Screw the party; screw its most loyal members.

Well, screw you too, Mr. Obama. You have this backwards. It is we who don’t need you and your crowd. We know whose ass to kick. With no party behind you, it’s one term and out. We want our party back.

John Chandley

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John has been writing for Firedoglake since 2006 or so, on whatever interests him. He has a law degree, worked as legal counsel and energy policy adviser for a state energy agency for 20 years and then as a consultant on electricity systems and markets. He's now retired, living in Massachusetts.

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