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Primary Night Liveblog – Part Two

Photo by Jason Rosenbaum

Photo by Jason Rosenbaum

Lincoln: 51.7%
Politico and WaPo call it for Lincoln.

The Lincoln-Halter runoff is probably the most interesting contest tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers for a Halter win, preferably a big one.  Lincoln consistently sides with corporate donors over constituents, then pretends that this is some kind of principled stand against special interests.  Thankfully, it looks like Arkansas Democrats are starting to catch on to the scam.

More generally speaking, I’m on the lookout for any hopeful sign that massive quantities of corporate campaign cash are no longer enough to convince voters that corrupt pols like Lincoln are looking out for their interests.  We may not be able to get corporate money and influence out of our political system any time soon, but maybe we can make it more of an electoral liability.

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