The clingy girlfriend

Jennifer Rubin who earlier demanded our eternal love and devotion toward Israel:

There is a single question that every individual, group, and nation must answer. To borrow from the most pro-Israel president since Harry Truman: if you are not with Israel, you are against her. And if you do not oppose with every fiber of your being and every instrument at your disposal that which intends the Jewish state harm, you are enabling her destroyers.

…has seven (count’em 7!) posts up already this morning mainly about how everybody in the world who disagrees with her is a Jew hater. So now we all have to take The Rubin Pledge:

For a week the administration has straddled, hemmed and hawed, and left Israel to defend itself. It is shameful, and Congress should make it clear that this is not acceptable and does not represent the concerns of the American people, who aren’t confused about who the good guys and who the bad guys are in this incident and in the Middle East more generally. Each member of Congress as well as candidates on the ballot this year should be forced to take a stand: do they approve of the Obama approach to Israel?

I know this poll isn’t scientific but I don’t think Americans are as into Israel as Jennifer thinks they are:

Jennifer will now spend the rest of the day tracking down the 69 per-centers who hate Israel America Israel so she can declare Jewhad on them just like she has on Helen Thomas.

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