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Video: Voters Being Turned Away in Arkansas

The Arkansas machine is really turning out for Blanche Lincoln. Despite promises from Election Commissioner Charles Tapp that they wouldn’t shut down polling places in Garland County (site of Bill Halter’s best performance during the first primary), voters are in fact being turned away as seen in the video above.

Says Blue Arkansas, “make no mistake about it, they’re stealing the election for Blanche Lincoln.”

Meanwhile, Blanche was on Candy Crowley’s show this morning saying that the  unions were spending $10 million against her.  By this afternoon, I heard her on the radio saying that they were spending $12 million against her.  Maybe they’re pointing a death star at the state, too.  Or maybe people in Arkansas just haven’t been into Blanche for a while now, and she’s just having a hard time accepting it.

Blanche was also complaining that Halter has more small dollar donors from California than he did from Arkansas.  You know, California, that godless hedonistic state where they hate good wholesome country folk.  Where her sister, the  MADONNA “LIKE A PRAYER” VIDEO DIRECTOR, just happens to live.  And work.  In the movie business.  The one Blanche voted to give $246 million in earmarks to.  That Mark Pryor voted against.

Blanche apparently believes that her $3 million in PAC money is morally superior to $35 bucks given by a guy in Fresno.  And did I somehow miss the press conference where JP Morgan announces they’re relocating world headquarters to Bald Knob?

Blanche was on the floor railing against the public option even as her website said she supported it.  She ran ads bragging about voting against the bank bailouts, apparently forgetting she’d cast a critical vote for TARP I.

Forget about out-of-state liberal interest groups.  I’d say her shaky grip on reality is the bigger problem here.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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