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Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser Gives Bobby Jindal Ratings Boost

I can’t help but think what Plaquemines parish President Billy Nungesser’s plans are for the future. He thrust himself into the spotlight during the recent oil spill media blitz that transpired last week. He handled himself pretty well. Are there bigger things in store for this guy? Is he satisfied being Plaquemines parish President?

This was a smart move by Governor Jindal. Partisan politics aside.

Nungesser seems to have the attributes to not only help Plaquemines but the state of Louisiana as well. He compliments Bobby Jindal very well. Never mind for now that Jindal’s record of safety regulation with the oil and gas industry is not all that hot. For now the gulf coast needs to focus on the task at hand.

As I look on Billy Nungesser I can’t help but think where has this guy been hiding. Although he come on a little too strong during his interviews with the media last week. Let’s give the guy a break, it was his coming out party for Pete’s sake. It appears his father was nothing to sneaze at in his day. A good friend of former Republican Governor Dave Treen. They both opposed David duke’s infamous run for Governor of Louisiana.

You hear so much about other families having political connections in Louisiana that lots of times the people really pulling the strings are overlooked.
Billy Nungesser took advantage of what I call the "Obama effect". It brings out the best and some times worst in blacks, whites, Republicans, and Democrats. But you have to be ready to keep that wheel spinning. You also have to know when it’s time to shut down the theatrics. Mr. Nungesser, I think you got your point across. Anything more and Louisiana will need receipts for any federal money they spend and that would include gum balls.

To be brutally honest here in terms of image and people’s perceptions. If Nungesser can drop 20-30 pounds in the near future then every politician he might run against for Congress would have big problems right now. That includes Republicans and especially Democrats. If he stays the same weight they are still in for a fight. Last but not least. If he is really motivated and can lose 40 or more pounds in the next year or so. Nungesser will be someone to watch by proving he can subdue his passions.

If Governor Jindal can keep this unbridled thoroughbred in line. It could pay dividends down the road. As for me, I’m sticking with clean energy.

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