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Million in Mass Lose Medicare this Month: Healthcare Bill Makes New England’s Teeth Like England’s

Million in Mass Lose Medicare this Month: Healthcare Bill Makes New England’s Teeth Like England’s — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

I wasn’t blogging Diaries for Firedoglake during the Healthcare Bill debate. Hearing so many false reports, and lies from politicians (including the President) about ‘good’ healthcare in Massachusetts disturbed me.

Often the lie was that Medicare in Massachusetts is single-payer. In fact, Massachusetts lets for-profit Insurance companies cover indigent patients, severely compromising their care. For example, I have Glaucoma, a complication of which is constantly building intra-ocular pressure that causes permanent vision damage if not treated every 24 hours. But when faced with the decision to let me medicate or let permanent optic nerve damage partly remove my sight, the for-profit Insurance company opted for eyesight loss. More than once.

At the end of this month, the severely poor people of Massachusetts will lose their Dental Coverage. Thank you Mr. President, for selling us out to Insurance companies and Drug companies. The Dental Coverage in this state was already aimed at getting rid of poor people’s teeth and preventing them from having working dentures.

I wish I were making this up:

Case One: One day I saw my friend Don. I was shocked that he had no teeth. He had gone to a dentist covering poor people. The dentist pulled all of his teeth, eventually replaced by poor fitting dentures that can’t really be worn.

Case Two: My very close friend went to one of those dentists and to my horror came back with no teeth. Same story: Dentist insisted on taking them all out. Then it gets worse: Insurance denied coverage and refused replacement dentures for the teeth already taken out – for a whole year! Finally after getting her elected State Rep involved, she got dentures, the kind Massachusetts allows to poor people, the kind that don’t fit and can’t really be worn.

Case Three: My own case. I take pretty good care of my teeth. I had a cavity back in the 1960s and a root canal in the 1970s. Then last year I got a tooth infection, and had to go to one of those dentists to get the tooth removed. He unbelievably wanted to remove ALL my teeth: The infected one, and all the healthy ones. I refused. Then he asked "Any of those teeth giving you any trouble?"

As of the end of June, Massachusetts will no longer cover dentures or the repair of ill-fitting dentures. If you are poor in Massachusetts, go to the dentist right away, before the end of this month.

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