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Israel Does Not Control America’s Government

If we’re ever to effectively address the issue of peace in the Middle East, we’re going to have to disabuse ourselves of the foolish notion that Israel somehow controls the governments of Britain and the United States.

It would be more correct to say that the governments of Great Britain, and the USA, who for the purposes of this diary, I’ll refer to as the Anglo-American empire, control Israel.

These governments control Israel; they just don’t control Israel any more than necessary.

We’re going to have to face the reasons and the origins of this control; the fact that Israel functions as the Anglo-American empire’s proxy in the region.

We’re going to have to face the fact that Israel does not exist solely because the Jews desired a homeland so as to be safe from the perennial ebb and flow of murderous European anti-Semitism, and so talked the freedom loving peoples of Great Britain and the USA into helping them realize their dream by granting them control of Palestine.

Israel actually came into existence, in part, maybe for the most part, because what was then the British Empire, and now might well be called the Anglo-American empire required a proxy in the middle east to counter the forces that threaten their control of middle eastern oil resources so necessary to fuel the ships by which they have projected military power for over two hundred years.

One hundred years ago, Great Britain occupied a position similar the position now occupied by the USA. They were the greatest superpower, possessing an empire upon which the sun was said never to set. The ability to project military power the world over underpinned that empire and the Royal Navy was the principle embodiment of that military power.

The years leading up to the First World War saw the development of a consensus on the part of Britain and the USA that maintaining naval supremacy in the future depended on the superior speed of warships fueled by oil instead of coal.

Britain’s logical source for this vital fuel was the middle east, a region then stirring with the dawning of a Pan-Arab nationalism that threatened to unite the region and thus complicate future British access and control of it’s oil resources.

Britain’s, two-pronged solution to continued control of middle eastern oil was on the one hand, investment in a controlling interest in the fledgling *Anglo-Persian Oil Co. and on the other, a cynical partnership with idealistic Zionist organizations who dreamed of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and were open to a deal that would simultaneously grant their dreams of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and Great Britain a perpetual proxy in a region vital to it’s strategic interests.

Britain’s plan to retain access to middle-eastern oil resources would ultimately require it to double-cross the Arabs, to whom independence had been promised in return for their help in defeating the Ottoman Turks during WWI. (Remember Lawrence of Arabia?)

Instead of granting Arab independence after the Turks were defeated, Britain and France partitioned much of the middle-east resulting in the French controlled French Mandate of Syria and the British control of the British Mandate of Palestine which included Palestine, and the land east of the Jordan river known as Transjordan.

The British Mandate of Palestine was ultimately divided between the new nations of Israel and Jordan in 1947 and the region has been locked in deadly dispute ever since.

What I seek to make clear by explaining this history is that Israel’s interests, and those of what I call the Anglo-American Empire, do not neatly coincide.

Israel, from its own point of view is the hard-won fruit of many years of Zionist dreams and aspirations for a Jewish national homeland, but from the perspective of the Anglo-American empire, Israel is their proxy, and a trip-wire that provides a plausible rational for continued deep involvement in the regions politics, where no other over-riding rational exists.

In a way, the Zionists made a deal with the devil, by accepting control over Palestine from the British, and creating the nation of Israel, they have ever since been caught in the crossfire between the forces embodied in a resurgent Pan-Arabism on the one hand and the craven interests of the Anglo-American empire on the other.

Today, the region seethes in anger; on the part of the Arab world, rooted in opposition to the hegemonic dominance exercised by the Anglo-American empire, on the other hand, the inevitable, and understandable anger that Israel’s people must feel as a result, not only of being threatened by hostile neighbors, but of being used as a proxy by a hypocritical empire whose stated motivation is ideological, but whose real motives are craven self-interest.

The invisible leaders of the Anglo-American empire are completely satisfied with the result of the plans set in motion almost a hundred years ago, they have maintained control of the region’s resources, and thus maintain the ability to project oil-fueled military power globally.

While the people of Great Britain and the United States throw their hands in the air and claim that they don’t understand the reasons for all the violence and hatred, the people of the region continue to suffer the inevitable consequences of their being the focus of the empire’s most successful tactic; divide and conquer.

The Israeli people can rely on our continued military support to their government, no matter how much that government’s actions result in more conflict. What the Israeli people cannot expect from their ‘allies’ is any real help toward resolving the conflict itself because the conflict has always operated to the advantage of the empires, at first Great Britain, and now the USA.

The Arab people in general, and the Palestinians in particular also know they can’t expect any help from the west for the same reasons.

Neither side can believe that the American people could be so indifferent to their suffering, and so uninterested in actually examining the role that their country, and it’s so-called leaders have played in perpetuating the conflict that has cost so many lives, and caused so much misery.

As individuals we can’t expect to do much to affect the actions of our cynical leadership, but we could at least quit making believe that Israel is somehow in control of our government, at worst, a certain faction within Israel cooperates with the Anglo-American empire’s not-so-secret plan to control the Middle East’s oil.

* The Anglo-Persian Oil Company would eventually end up being British Petroleum, BP.

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